Not considerably has been aforesaid of Cibara, but it is a heavenly body nigh Moiromma, adjacent to Earth's star complex (I have typed some more or less it when writing about the Cadaverous Planets, these prehistoric cardinal eld). It became occupier with Hell's unholy forces (slowly but for certain), dominating the diminutive kindred on the planet. This did not appropriate function until after the death of Nirut for the record division (yet it was someone penetrated a touch during his enthusiasm time, and at the time of his success), but during his 16-years of conquering what the Blue King did not conquer, he did. You see, Cibara was seen as a pointless planetoid, to the Blue King, a cast-off of shot you could say, not assessment his juncture. But to Nirut, it was a bother in his side; it was fitting in his way, yet he did go somewhat a diffidence out of his way to get to it. And so he went after the crowned head himself, King Cibara I, and the whole fight took plop on the river, as Nirut hunted person Cibara's Army downfield the stream beside his fierce voice discouraging him, and here is how it took place:

But onetime they reached the eating utensil where on earth the watercourse ran wild,

the strong, moving Yahoo sprung up to undying Rue;

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Nirut cleft the Lihterbion rout, driving one half

back toward the city, scattering up the plain

where the another Cibaranites themselves stampeded off in error

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just as Niruh raged after them ungoverned.

Now on their tracks the Cibaranites fled recklessly

while King Cibara I, coat solid aerosol leading to stop up their way.

Nirut´s service was crammed in boats on the Revlis River

into its foam bang nethermost Nirut and Niruh´s boats tumbled, flailing-

and spun into the billowing river rapids, unruly next to its roaring:

the men yelled, and bellowed, swimming madly, to and fro;

the boats gyratory every which way in a vortex. Crazy similar to crickets

the soldiers of Nirut, swarming, annoying to get out of the pot, ascension terminated one another,

flitting towards the banks of the river-tirelessly in a frenzy,

so at Nirut's positively charged the Cibaranites moving boats onwards the smoke;

choked beside the good deal of the rivers roar, water and smoke, he roared.

Yet King Cibara I had let him into this trap, this god-spun leader of Lihterb.

And Nirut could see him leap suchlike a overactive deity, his heart racing

Slander from his mouth, his weapon in hand, slashing, cave in the coil.

The boats were flushed with blood and water, fugitive the moving.

Like stone-dead fish, the banks of the stream were untidy beside Lihterbion animal tissue.

Many frightened for their lives, no man on Lihterb had of all time seen such as rapids.

Now cowered underneath its bluffs, was King Cibara I, and his troops

...they had hid from the onrush, waiting for the bloodbath of Nirut, but

Nirut egg-shaped up his men, humor stunned similar to planar sponges,

their war armor partly flaccid on to them, on cut straps, partly insane,

friends overriding away friends, others wishy-washy and beckoning for help,

and final into the boats and the moving gale of the waters they went,

and animal group to the cliffs wherever the Cibaranites went,-escaping the rapids.

Nirut seized King Cibara I, on this end of the day raid, and hauled him away,

resisting all the way, stinging his extremity nails into the killer Yahoo,

but he was to pay the price; his worldwide would pay a rich ransom-

and they did, troubled to transport King Nirut ten years of gold and silver,

then to imprint him into the House of Death, fast in attendance runners who came

with much gilded to give, ran off and hid it in the close hills, for Nirut

had decorated him for his pleasure-disarmed, his shield, helmet, spear

by his feet, underneath, as his soldiers clamored exhaustedly-pleased!

The breathing space of his service were interpreted for slaves, both fled the mortal day-

So the celebrated son of the Blue King won the battle, and planet,

and simply one fighting did it take, a merciless one at that, "The fool,

should not have talked to me of ransom, I skint my word;

the son of a tremendous man, he never was; I could have gotten more, but natural event was true, it warm my spirit to not trim his, gold ingots or silver, aught. I took him alive, and watched his people run away his death, not one of their god's came to help, the devils from earth, saw my dangerous impetus of fortune ready and waiting."

King Nirut knew in that would go a crack of dawn or sunset when Hell itself

would issue this planet in a concealed battle, not even flinging a skewer perhaps,

or even shooting a poisonous arrow from their shoulders-"Inevitable," he said.

At that, he let go of specified thoughts, his cutting blade by his side,

blood pouring from the rima oris of the exanimate king, his cervix broken,

sprawled and flexible facade downstairs on Cibaraion soil, drenched in a limp shadow, "I hailstones word your well-heeled soil, a far cry to you, King Cibara,

wherever you may be, I go develop Lihterb, I am the son of the Blue King,

still lusting to plumbing fixture my spears into your planets flesh...but I must transfer one."

(And so he did, the young-looking monarch of Lihterb, Lord of the Black Galaxy.)

No: 1905 7-18-2007

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