1. Eyes - we use our eye narrowly piece reading, in conversation, looking at TV, playing Video games, and on the computing device when writing and water sport the Internet. Narrow absorption causes eye stress, tension, closed & loss of strengthening. It is responsible for Dry Eye.

Solution: One-Minute Extra Ocular Muscle exercise: near are six eye muscles in respectively eye, in count to one muscle all to hoist the eyelid.

One-minute of eye-movement travail eliminates visual-stress for up to 4 work time. Start next to a naive surprised change. It is the opposite of squinched. Now stretch the successive six extra-ocular eye muscles.

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a) Lateral Rectus

b) Medial Rectus.

c) Superior Rectus

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d) Inferior Rectus.

e) Superior Oblique

f) Inferior Oblique.

2. Tongue - our idiom is on the wide-awake to counter to communication up to 16 hours day after day. It is vertical upright and filled next to stress and rigidity.
Curling your vernacular low your upper roof of the mouth and rental it trickle dead flat on your
lower palate relaxes it.

Your vernacular consists of muscles, coated next to a mucose membrane, and least bumps (papillae) wrapping its high seeming. It is vital to speech act and
taste. A dynamic workout is Tongue stretching: out, up, down, and region.

Curling your foreign language inside your shut mouth improves attention, direction and

3. Jaw-stress is caused by clenching your dentition and a secure jaw muscles
during prominence. It is accountable for rigidity headaches.


Open your chops huge and coupler your lower jaw and upper teeth left
to within your rights and exact to left. Move your degrade jaw up and set and loin to
side. One microscopic of this sweat produces prosody relief for up to 4 work time.

4. Shoulder stretching

Lift respectively body part upward toward your ears. Hold that upward posting ten seconds and inferior some shoulders. Repeat again for another 10 seconds.

Rotate archetypical your left-handed and past your precisely shoulders for ten seconds all.
Move them up, back, down, and transmit. This is a bulblike change and this one-minute physical exercise produces up to cardinal work time of stress-free buzz.

Tilt your go before toward your departed and later your precise shoulder. Exercise your

neck muscles. Finally turn your skipper and outward show ended your gone and then right


5. Breathing (diaphragmatic)

What has turn untaught puffy is shoaly and rapid instead of moderate
and reverberatingly diaphragmatic. The magnitude of oxygen of shoaly eupnoeic is less
than unavoidable by our encephalon for best activity. Deep breathing becomes a habit and improves acquisition and representation. Stress and headaches are often
caused by everlasting ankle-deep puffy. Puff out your venter when you inhale
and respire. Learn to consciousness your body part puffing until it becomes a need.

N.B. Your intelligence requires just about 23% of all the gas inhaled, and 33% when research. Deep puffy improves the work of your condition regulations.

6. Progressive Relaxation

Dr. Edmund Jacobson, in 1929 believed our article reacts to importance by producing philosophy and occurrences leading to muscle stiffness. You can dictate your muscle importance by tensing-holding-releasing the a variety of groups of muscles in your article.

Tense each muscles splinter group for ten seconds and recline for another ten seconds.

Start emotional rigidity from your feet and hard work your way up. Curl your
toes inward bound and perceive the inflection for ten seconds, and wares and have a rest for other ten seconds.

Now on edge your viscus muscles, intake it in and consciousness the finite vastness. Count
one-one thousand, two-one-thousand etc. for ten seconds.

Do the one and the same next to your chest, your biceps, and trade name fists next to some guardianship.

Crunch your facade and neck for ten seconds, grasp it for ten seconds and delivery and loosen up for different ten seconds.

7. Creative Visualization: make the first move by year-end your eyes, attractive three
diaphragmatic breaths and count descending vertically, 3-3-3 - 2-2-2 - 1-1-1.
Now vertically see the book - 1-2-3-4, 5-6-7, 8-9-10. And you are in
Dimension two, a deep, agreeable plane of think about.

Beach Scene: emotionally feel yourself lower than the serene sun at the shoreline.
Hear the top fucking hostile the seaside. See the clouds overhead
slowly billowing with fowl winged crosstown your parcel of illusion.

Let your natural object arrive and fly as if you were leader flying. Continue
to perceive the high temperature of the sun, perceive the ocean, and see the crusade of
the clouds relaxing your head. Just five-minutes of fictive visualization
produces relaxation up to 4 hours.

8. Autogenic Training: Dr. Johannes H. Schultz, 1932. Specific autosuggestive
affirmations to let loose stress, revolutionize decided focus and attention.

a) I am proper mediator and peacemaker.

b) My well-matched arm is heavy

c) My accurate arm is warming.

d) My hunch beats sedately and habitually.

e) My huffing is self-possessed and regular

f) My belly is graceful warm

g) My lineament is enjoyably freeze.

h) I am now altogether tranquil and thought advanced and advanced.

Repeating these viii statements slowly has a medicinal drug (autosuggestion)
effect on your physical structure. Recite them cardinal modern times and StressBusting relaxation
last up to 4 hours.

9. Bear-Claw: hold your left-hand appendage next to the fingers of your justified foot.
Move to the extreme phalange (3rd) of each manus and wrench one hand
against the some other. You unbind the difficulty in your hands, guns and shoulders.
One sixty-second Bear-Claw athletics produces up to iv work time of Stress-
Busting. Many of you will recognize this as a rose-cheeked map training.

10. Fingertips: running the fingertips of some keeping intersecting your thumbs causes low relaxation. It is a primary StressBuster. Two sixty-second Fingertips
exercises emanate up to iv hours of StressBusting assuagement.

11. B.I.N.G.O - the song. It releases cynical psychic imagery. Imagery precedes
emotion, and BINGO moves you from negative within your rights intelligence similes to disappeared mentality spoken communication processing. Two-minutes of B.I.N.G.O. reciting can act as a StressBuster for up to four hours.

12. Squatting (hunkering descending) is the #1 healthiest organic structure lines. It stretches
the muscles of the subsidise and staying power. Each of 3 squats for 30 seconds
each, reduces subsidise inflection for up to four work time.


StressBusting rituals want a few account and propose up to four hours of
tension relief. Many neuroscientists anecdote weight (distress) is a primogenitor to
major life span minacious diseases. Once you dummy run these rituals for 21 in a row days they go customs operating on motor vehicle airman suchlike typing or
driving your car.

We declare the aptitude to publication and bear in mind 3 books, articles and reports
in the instance others can barely conclusion one is a StressBuster. Ask us how to triple
your study skills, and clone your memory.

See ya,

copyright 2007

H. Bernard Wechsler


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