In this article I'm going to acquaint how to path your ClickBank income AND traffic. Don't make anxious if you don't further any ClickBank products, the techniques outlined beneath can be in use beside any affiliate network that has a "Tracking ID" facility. Everything is also 100% free, I'm not testing to present any chase systems here!

Ok, let's get started. If you're not adapted with ClickBank's following ID regulations then you can read more in the region of it at ClickBank (read their Hoplink FAQ). The problem is you can singular path sales, not clicks. Let's lug a look at an section to illustrate the problem, and the medication. Let's say you have a webpage at this address:

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On that page you're promoting a ClickBank associate URL:

You can see that "yourid" is your ClickBank affiliate ID, "publisherid" is the ID of the merchandiser you're promoting and "code1" is the chase ID for this unusual nexus. If 100 population sound on that join and 3 of them buy the product, that's a transformation ratio of 3%. A rendition magnitude relation is the proportionality of inhabitants you displace to an affiliate URL who past go on to buy the wares. In this case, the numeral of 3% vehicle that 3 out of all 100 visitors, on average, became regulars.

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3% isn't bad, but talent on a insignificant - ClickBank singular tells you there were 3 gross sales for the following ID "code1". You don't cognize location were 100 clicks on the link, and short this integer you can't reckon the changeover ratio. What if 500 group had clicked on the link? The changeover quantitative relation would be right 0.6% (i.e. 0.6% of the 500 people became patrons). Ideally you should solitary advance websites that have a relatively lofty shift quantitative relation. If you're promoting two diverse ClickBank products for example, and one has a conversion ratio of 1% and the remaining 4%, you'd be better-quality off engrossment your curiosity on the ordinal one and ditching the prototypic. You'll only cognise this if you can divide the transformation magnitude relation. Luckily, this hold-up is easy resolved beside the use of a easy click-tracker PHP inscription. The playscript simply counts the figure of modern times human clicks on a connection.

Don't headache if you've never used PHP before, there's relative quantity tortuous about it. As monthlong as you can upload files to your webspace you'll have no mess subsequent to these glib steps. It goes in need motto that you likewise inevitability PHP running on your waiter.

Go to PHPSuccessTools (see the resource box at the end for the URL), sound "mailing list" in the steering bar at the top and subscribe, later examine your email for the countersign. This will administer you fraught access to all the scripts that are acquirable. Click on "Free Scripts" in the direction bar and then sound on "Tagged Click Tracker". Then imbue out the add up to as follows:


You should e'er determine a hit or miss mix of correspondence and book of numbers for your passwords, but to support things simplex for this occasion enter upon "showstats" as the password.

"Destination URL"

This is your ClickBank associate URL next to a following ID appended to the end. It should visage close to this:[TAG]

Make certain you regenerate "yourid" beside your ClickBank ID and "publisherid" near the ClickBank ID of the merchant you're promoting.

"Optional Expiration"

Leave this box as it is, we don't privation the nexus to breathe your last breath.


Enter "go" for this.

You can give up all the other boxes as they are, unless you construe what they do. Now hit "Submit". Follow the manual on the side by side page, where you'll be asked to retrieve individual files onto your data processor and later upload them to your webspace and transform the permissions. Upload them to the aforesaid holder as your ordered series.html page (as this is the folio we're going to alter in a few moments).

If you've ne'er changed database permissions since then there's a austere guide at PHPSuccessTools - right clink on "Guides" in the steering bar at the top.

In this variety we're assumptive that you're linking to a ClickBank associate URL on your scale of measurement page, so or else of linking directly to ClickBank, cash the interconnect on your "index.html" leaf to this:


Let's capitulation what we've finished. We replaced the ClickBank affiliate connection on your "index.html" page near a nexus that goes to the click-tracker marks (called go.php). The click-tracker script, in turn, counts how some clicks the linkage gets and redirects the natator to the actualized ClickBank affiliate contact.

Now we comprehend what's changed, lets see how it works. Note the trailing ID (code1) at the end of the click-tracker link:


When individual clicks on that link, the click-tracker looks at the destination URL (which you entered when the click-tracker was created) and replaces [TAG] near the pursuit ID. So in actualized fact, the destination URL becomes:

Now all you have to do is perspective the applied math for this click-tracker and you'll be competent to see how galore clicks your relation got. The stats are at your disposal at this URL:


Now let's say that 100 citizens clink on your new click-tracker intertwine and 3 of them buy the article of trade. By sounding at your ClickBank stats you'll see that the pursuit ID "code1" has produced 3 gross revenue. If you air at your click-tracker stats you'll see that "code1" also generated 100 clicks. Use the two info both and you can reason the paraphrase quantitative relation of 3%. In otherwise words, 3% of the those you conveyed to the trade if truth be told bought the goods.

The version magnitude relation is eventful to know. There's no prickle causation collection to a bourgeois that converts at 1%, when you could send that one and the same accumulation to a incompatible businessperson that converts at 3%. Assuming the commissions attained per sale are the same, you're higher off near the 2d commercial. You'll only cognise this by carrying out tests dissimilar merchants and conniving the shift ratio of all.

In fact there's no entail to even reason the version magnitude relation manually - the click-tracker does it for you! Simply scene the stats for the click-tracker and get in a "sales" illustration for each following ID. The click-tracker consequently mechanically generates the transition quantitative relation for all one.

To conclusion off this article, let's only in the blink of an eye see how you'd path gross revenue next to more than than one trailing ID. If you one and only have one linkage to your ClickBank affiliate URL afterwards you won't want to do this, but what if you have two links to ClickBank, one on "index.html" and the different on your blog? Simply use the later URL on your diary where on earth your ClickBank affiliate URL in general goes:


Now when you judgment your click-tracker stats, fair face for "code2" to see how many clicks this extraordinary knit prescriptive. Similarly, your ClickBank stats will establish "code2" as the pursuit ID for any gross revenue that came from this interconnect.

You are separated to pick out any trailing ID you impoverishment (you don't have to use "code1" and "code2"). Just cause positive your IDs single contain alphameric characters (no spaces or symbols) and are 50 characters or little in dimension.

As I mentioned at the initiation of this article, you can use the above techniques beside any affiliate gridiron that has a chase ID artefact. When creating your click-tracker(s), simply get in your affiliate URL as the "Destination URL" and lodge [TAG] where the trailing ID should go.

If you're fancy adventurous, I urge you formulate use of the hit-tracker script, besides readily reachable at PHPSuccessTools Place a standing apart hit-tracker on all leaf in your website that contains associate links and you'll be able to divide the click-through quantitative relation as okay as the change ratio of those course.

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