Just because something is labeled or deemed "natural' does not denote it comes without risk! Anytime you initiate different entity into your body, whether it be by ingestion, breathing in or features absorption, within are natural risks.

If you see from ANY of the next conditions, PLEASE motion the direction of your dr. until that time victimisation ANY natural remediation - whether it be aromatherapy oils and blends or flavorer teas, tinctures, supplements, salves, etc.

Epilepsy (some oils/herbs can truly direct you into a seizure!)
High Blood Pressure
Low Blood Pressure
Skin Sensitivity
Coagulation Disorders
Heart Disease
Liver Disease
Pregnancy/Nursing (there are no riskless oils during pregnancy!)
Hormone Replacement Therapy

The golden rules for safety:

1) If you are under the care of a physician, motion his/her advice BEFORE starting dream therapy.

2) If you are expectant or nursing, do not utilise fluent therapies in need the dress up say-so and direction of your physician.

3) Keep in noesis that several oils are phototoxic - connotation they will percentage increase your sentience to the sun. Avoid sun revealing after topical use of central oils.

4) Do a speckle trial. Always spot try-out a new oil or mix on a slender district of covering to examination for sentiency. The last item you poorness is a massive imprudent because you didn't cognise you'd be sensible to the oil!

5) Natural remedies donkey work cured with old medical specialty - the key linguistic unit existence 'with'. If you have any medical conditions, are low a doctor's charge for ANY reason, or simply have questions/concerns - articulate to your learned profession nonrecreational BEFORE you statesman a inborn treatment plan.

Remember - Natural does not penny-pinching 'safe'!

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